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Please send the imaginary plans and the scanned images to the following e-mail address:

The on-site survey is necessary for the final quotation I can give you a preliminary quote by appointment.

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Some previous works can be viewed in the gallery below References.


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Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture Design, incorporating unique ideas


Room Furniture

The apartment is tastefully decorated room furniture


Built-in Wardrobe

Wardrobe room-filling according to customer requirements

Custom kitchen furniture

Creating custom kitchen furniture with high quality materials, using new techniques.

Room Furniture

According Room Furniture Design, integration of customer needs.

Built-in wardrobe

Built-in cabinet is making full use of the available space.

Office Furniture

Custom office furniture design, installation fitted to existing equipment in offices.

Bathroom Furniture

Retrofitting Bathroom Furniture, MDF material and painted surfaces.

About me

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I'm Leslie Orosz. My terms of degree: carpenter.


Office Furniture

Furniture making, at short notice, fitted equipment in the office


Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture construction, design, formulation MDF material



Kitchen furniture - Wardrobe - Office Furniture - Room Furniture